Safeguarding in research and practice on accountability, health and well being poster

This poster outlines the approach that ARISE has taken to creating a safeguarding policy and associated management systems. For ARISE, safeguarding concerns are not limited to sexual abuse and exploitation, but include physical and psychological abuse, exploitation and neglect. Vulnerable people are those who may be at risk of abuse or neglect due to the actions (or lack of action) of another person. Safeguarding concerns may emerge for a range of potential reasons. However, power relations, such as those related to gender, class, disability or control over resources limit or enable people’s abilities to protect themselves from abuse and also to safeguard others.

In ARISE we argue that, as with research ethics, safeguarding should not be seen merely as a procedural check box process. Instead safeguarding must be an iterative, ongoing learning journey that is critical, reflective and inclusive of vulnerable people. Ultimately safeguarding processes need to be situated in a critical understanding of power relations, committed to changing them and promoting equity.

ARISE Safeguaring Poster

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